Doing A Little Spring Cleaning

This morning I received confirmation that things are moving forward ready I am ready or not. My husband, Jeremy, sent me emails showing that our movers have been selected, and they had confirmed the actual packing dates and movings dates. Somehow seeing this in writing just makes this move feel so much more real.

For those of y’all who don’t know me yet, Jeremy is a Marine. We are currently living in central Illinois because he is out here on recruiting orders. Thankfully we are almost to the end of his orders here. He has received new orders to report to MCAS Miramar later this summer. I am both excited and nervous about this move.

I’m learning quickly that I will be happy to be gone from this area. While I may have met some great people out here, I know deep down that this is not the area for me. I have learned a lot about myself being out here. I have learned how to deal with things better on my own than I am used to doing. Part of that is thanks to recruiting duty, basically keeping my husband away from me by making him work 10-14 hour days six days a week. I have started learning how to set up healthier boundaries for people, but I know that I will have to continue to work on that. I still catch myself being a people pleaser and a doormat too much. But at least I am catching my own toxic behaviors before I get too deep.

To prepare for this move, I need to work on downsizing what we have. This will be our third move in six years, and some of the stuff we have we haven’t used since we lived in North Carolina. I don’t really want to take it on with us to California. It will take a bit to get through everything, but I’m pretty sure I can get through it all. I’m praying that Jeremy can take a week off at the end of this month to be able to help me. I really don’t want to tackle the basement alone.

I also have extra motivation to downsize what we have because Jeremy let me know this weekend that he is considering doing an interservice transfer next summer to the Navy. If that happens, we could be moving again next year to who knows where. If that’s the case, I really don’t want to move all this stuff to California, unpack, and then repack stuff we just don’t need. I need to do this.

I’m actually not just spring cleaning and reevaluating what I need physically but mentally as well. I spent a while yesterday removing myself from all the paranormal pages and groups I was following on Facebook and signing out of all the social media related to Paranormal Housewife. I’m really surprised how much more relaxed it makes me feel to do this. For the first time in a long time, I am not worried about view numbers, how many comments I’ve gotten, if anything has been shared, etc. I left the groups just to give myself a break from the paranormal. I was in over 50 groups mainly to research topics, promote my stuff, and help people with their paranormal questions. I may join a few of them back after I give myself this break, but it will only be the few that I actually enjoyed. There are a few that I dreaded being in because everything from obvious dust, bugs, lens flares, and pixelation was paranormal or demonic, according to the group members. It got exhausting trying to help people either debunk or give honest advice that didn’t include sloshing holy water everywhere or burning sage. Plus, I had seen good, reliable investigators get kicked out of the group because they debunked too much stuff. But that’s behind me for now. It’s refreshing to actually see group posts from groups I had joined a while ago and completely forgot about because the paranormal pages took over my Facebook feed.

I haven’t started recording videos for my new YouTube channel yet. I have been busy working on setting up everything else first. Plus, I haven’t really felt like putting makeup on, but I guess since I am not going to the polished professional look I was trying for before, I don’t have to put on makeup if I don’t want to. I will probably start recording this weekend. I have some fun stuff planned this weekend for once.

Well, I guess I should wrap this up so I can get to cleaning and packing. I swear, even with my husband barely here and no kids, the cleaning here is constant. It’s always dusty either from the railroad tracks a couple of blocks away and the surrounding farmlands. Plus, between the cats and John Paul, there are always toys underfoot. Also, not having a washer and dryer means that clothes pile up quickly. I can’t wait until we are living on base when I have a bigger dishwasher than our moveable dishwasher and a laundry room. Life will definitely be easier, and I will be a much better housewife. Until then, I will make do with what I have and be grateful I can be a housewife. I hope y’all have a good weekend.

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